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Yakima Cabernet and Syrah (Shiraz) are often compared to the great wines of Australia, but they are also recognized as having their own, perhaps more sophisticated charm. We agree and suggest that if you enjoy the big, fruity reds from down-under, you will want to discover why there is so much buzz about the powerhouse reds grown in Yakima. A rush of blackberry, plum, cherry and candied orange fragrances followed by flavours of currant, fig, cedar and spice intertwined with a beautiful balance of toasted oaks. Rich, elegant finish. Powerful flavours of fruit start to come together after 2-3 months aging. After 6-12 months the tannins soften and the wine’s elegant charm really starts to reveal itself. Can be cellared for more than 2 years. Wine Type  Red Ready In  8 Weeks Volume/Yield  18 Litres / 23 Litres Oak  | Body | Sweetness  FRE/HUN I 5 I 0

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