Carboys & Demi-Johns

  • Glass carboys come in 3 sizes: 23 lt., 19 lt., and 11.5 lt.
  • Plastic carboys come in 4 sizes: 19lt, 23lt., 25lt. and 46lt.
  • Demi-Johns come in various  sizes: 54lt. (inquire about other sizes)
  • Gallon jugs come in 2 sizes: 4.25lt. and 3.8lt.


  • Primaries come in four sizes: 30lt, 32 lt, 46lt. and 96lt.


  • Various sizes including: 11.5lt., 23lt. and goes up to 500lt. (all barrells are special order)
  • Barrells are made of Hungarian oak & American oak
  • Canadian oak also available by special order


3 types of filter machines are available:

  • Buon Vino Mini Jet System (electric)
  • Hexter Filter System (hand pump)
  • VinBrite (gravity system)


  • #8 NOVA
  • #8 Long NOVA
  • #9 SWB
  • #9 Long SWB
  • #9 Long Nova Semi-Synthetic
  • #9 Synthetic
  • #9 Long Synthetic
  • #9 Long Super Winery Grade


Types of 750 ml bottles and colours to choose from:

  • Bordeaux style in clear and green
  • Burgundy style in olive green
  • Hock style in blue and brown

Types of 375 ml bottles (half bottles)and colours to choose from:

  • Bordeaux style in clear and green
  • Renana in blue, clear and brown
  • Belissima style in blue, clear and brown

Types of beer bottles to choose from:

  • Plastic 500ml (brown & clear), 1lt in (brown)
  • EZ cap glass bottles (Grolsch style)

Bottling Equipment

4 styles of corking machines to choose from:

  • Basic hand model
  • Adjustable hand model
  • Deluxe Floor corker
  • Italian floor corker "Big Blue"

2 styles of beer cappers to choose from:

  • Hand model
  • Spring loaded floor model


We carry a wide assortment of labels including:

  • Over 400+ styles of labels
  • Gum back and peel and stick
  • Computer labels you can print at home
  • Computer labels we can print in store for you

Shrink Caps

Over 80+ colours and designs to choose from:

  • Standard and oversized shrink caps for bottles with flanged lips


  • Sodium Meta Bi-Sulphite
  • Steri San (the pink stuff)
  • Bio San
  • Campden Tablets
  • Iodophor

Airlocks & Bungs

  • European and standard style airlocks
  • Rubber bungs with or without holes
  • Rubber bungs are available in different sizes (#2 to 13 available)

Testing Equipment

  • Hydrometer (for wine and beer)
  • Spirit hydrometer
  • Hydrometer test jar (glass and plastic)
  • The Thief
  • Floating Thermometers (big and small)
  • Stick on thermometer
  • Acid Test Kit

Cleaning Equipment

  • Sulphiter
  • 45 and 90 count bottle tree
  • Bottle washer (brass or plastic)
  • Double blast bottle washer
  • Carboy wand
  • Kitchen sink adaptor
  • Carboy Caddie

capper benchtop


filter kit 1