There are 2 options to replicate the Cream Ale. For both options, feel free to continue using the same yeast as before:

Option A: Using Pale Ale

- Pale Ale is slightly higher in IBU`s and gravity. Increase the dilution of the kit by 500ml and add 5 grams of Kent Goldings Hop Pellets.

This will tame down the final gravity and add a familiar English Ale with extra Hops.

Option B: Using Red Ale

-Add 5 grams of Kent Goldings Hops. Reserve 2 cups of water ) from what the kit recommends and add 1 cup of honey to a saucepan and gently simmer ( PLEASE DO NOT LET HONEY BOIL) for 5 Minutes. Then add it directly to the carboy and gently stir. This will be more like a KILKENNY CREAM ALE!


Beer Kit Type  100% Wort Kits
 Volume / Yield  15 Litres Wort / 23 Litres