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We are pleased to announce a new service available from The Wine Baril!

As of today you are able to make wine @ our in store winemaking facility. With Our 45 years in the winemaking industry and 3 generations of knowledge ...Let us help you make your wine!!

All you do is pick your favorite wine and we will help you make your wine kit On - Site using our Winery Grade Equipment. It is a easy and economical way to enjoy some fantastic wines from all over the world.

Premium Service Package   49.99 per wine kit 

This is how it is going to work @ our store:

YOU: Choose your favorite wine kit and pay for your wine kit & a service fee (49.99) at time of purchase.

YOU: The Customer must (ADD THE YEAST ) to the wine kit the we have prepared for you!

 US: We will  do all the work in between .ie: Transferring,  De-gassing ,  Stabilizing & Clearing , and Filtering, and any other process your wine kit requires up until it is time to bottle your wine. We take care of all the mess and the hard work involved.  Making it fun & easy for you!!

YOU:  BOTTLING: We will have already set a date for you to return ( Either 28 days or 45 days later ) depending on the type of wine kit you are making.

At this point your wine will be ready for bottling…Filtered and set up at one of our bottling stations.  30 - #9 Corks will be sterilized as well and ready.

YOU:  Will then complete the bottling process using our:

Winery Grade Electric Bottle Fillers

Industrial Size  Corking Machine

Enocapsuler ( Heat Shrink Machine )


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